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DMI Finance

Location: New Delhi

Area: 15,000 Sqft

Service: Design and Build

Corporate Office

DMI Finance

A synergetic partnership between two brands – SKV and DMI Finance led to Team SKV completing their corporate office in record time while adhering to the highest quality and safety parameters. A one-stop shop for all financial requirements.


DMI Finance leads with solutions backed by technology and clutter-breaking innovations. We designed and built their latest office to reflect upon these key virtues that the brand upholds with each service they offer. A space that enables hyper-productivity with a well-designed layout and clean, minimalistic, and modern aesthetic. Our design team after extensive research chose a warm color palette from deep blues to resplendent wooden browns.


To break the monotony and add more life to the designs we added plants at various nooks and corners. Uniquely designed lighting solutions with the use of natural materials in decor that help incorporate natural light, the office is characterized by a distinct contemporary look. Inspired by Scandinavian designs, even the furniture used is emblematic of the brand’s bold and innovation-led approach.

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