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Step-by-step guide to covid induced remodeling of workspaces

Remodeling Of Workspaces

With the future of work undergoing rapid transformation, we as designers and service providers have also had to adapt at a furious pace as everything we knew was upended and challenged by this pandemic.   We at SKV, however, believe in embracing change and with our design team leading the charge on producing ergonomic, economic and sustainable solutions to be implemented by the industry and our clients, we are proud to present our step by step guide to remodeling workspaces as mandated by Covid.   Delving into many new norms, styles of working, different areas of your workspaces and strategies for converting the same to meet the new normal, this booklet provides an array of solutions to safely resume working.

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Office Fitouts unravelling the myths of lease vs ownership of the fitouts

Office Fitouts

With Covid-19 having taken all our existing knowledge and ways of functioning for a spin, one of the greater debates arriving on the horizon is that of investing in or leasing an office space going forward. With in-depth knowledge of the emerging trends, merits, impact and landscape of the commercial fitout industry, we argue all the possible scenarios out for you in this detailed report.

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Hvac design for office buildings how to keep an ear out for it

Hvac Design For Office Buildings

With a return to work posing a multitude of concerns and questions, HVAC norms have been highlighted in particular for improving hygiene, well-being and providing safe air to breathe in enclosed spaces. As primary innovators in the corporate interior industry, we felt it necessary to understand these changes in design, building and incorporating them in our work going forward. We recently hosted a webinar on 2nd May with Mr Rajiv Prabhakar, MD at Panacea Technologies Private Limited who took the time out to deliver an eye-opening session that delved deep into reviewing these norms.

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Architectural acoustics how to keep an ear out for it

Architectural Acoustics

In the early days of the lockdown, to help us adapt to a flurry of changes, Ms. Roopa Krishnamurthy of Soundscape was kind enough to provide us a learning opportunity on architectural acoustics. She delved into the various issues presented by it, nitty gritty technicalities and the fundamentals which one must always brush up on. Taking us through every note and reverberation of acoustics, the full report of the comprehensive session is provided below.

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