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If you have recently spent money on office furniture, you probably know how expensive office furniture can get. From cheap price tags to luxury brands, office furniture is no more just-another-furniture. Chairs may steal the spotlight when it comes to expensive office furniture, but even office desks are the show-stopper. Whether it’s Google Desk or Lamborghini, these desks will want you to never leave your office desk early:

1. Fly high with MotoArt:

MotoArt is the company known worldwide to design one-of-its-kind desks in the world. Its client list is full of celebs including the Royals of UAE, Microsoft, and Boeing.Who does not want to own a history piece in the office to mark the dominance? Well, the desks made by MotoArt are made from the parts of vintage airplanes. And the prices of these desks are revealed only to the potential buyers.You can guess the price of one of its desks whose manufacturing cost rounded off somewhere to $50 million.

2. Ride along in a Bugatti!

Give your office a sumptuous uplift with Bugatti Grand Prix Desk by Luzzo Bespoke. Your adrenaline will surely run high as soon as you set your eyes on this fantasy office furniture. Not exactly looking like a Bugatti, this desk takes cues from Veyron and comes with the drive gears. It can be ordered in any color, if not a fan of blue. What is the price you ask? It’s $240,000. You can even shop desks by Lamborghini if you want the actual Lamborghini car like the desk to park (oops, work) in the office.

3. Luxury is not an issue with The Parnian Desk:

Based in Arizona, Parnian is renowned worldwide for making one of the most luxurious furniture in the world. Be it Bombe Secretary Desk, Natural Maple or Wave Wall, everything comes with whooping price tags above $18,000 only. The Baroque Desk by Parnian is the epitome of architectural style combined with a clever mechanism that comes with secret drawers and buttons. This customizable desk can add opulence to your office by spending $80,000+.

4. Reception Star, DMG Design SF Reception Desk:

Who said that your reception area can’t be the first impression of the workspace? With DMG Design SF’s Reception Desk, reception can look lavish as well as chic. Made from Russian Birch, Stainless Steel, and Walnut, this posh office desk is customizable and can be the steal-piece in your office in only $45,000 (wonder what will be the salary of the person sitting behind that table!).

5. Stay uber with Lamberti Onda C Stainless Steel Desk

This Italian marvel is a perfect mix of contemporary art and modern office furniture. It’s entirely handmade to customize as per the client’s details and can be ordered in Satin finish or color lacquered finishes. This soft C-shaped desk looks like a free-flowing wave and can pose as “Mona Lisa of Design” in your office, if you’re happy to pay $13, 980.

6. The Smart Artifort Globus Mobile Workstation Desk for space-savvy:

Not every one of us loves to sit behind a large desk and sometimes even a small desk looks cool. If you’re a fan of cubic work pods, then “Globus” Workstation is an all inclusive of desk and chair. It’s just like a futuristic design workspace where work pods are sophisticated and mobile. But you need to pay $11, 192 to own this chic piece. These desks are worthy of their hefty price tags and their owners are surely more than happy to own them in the name of “luxury and comfort”.

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