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With our eyes stuck on computer screens and legs on the seats, it becomes tough to keep the “healthy” motto in our to-do-list. Apart from an increase in productivity, a healthy work environment means happier employees, fewer absences, and importantly, employees stick to your company. It’s hard to take out time from your busy day, but with these tips, your employees and you can create a healthy work environment right in the office.

1. Just walk

If you’re afraid of taking the stairs, then make a mental note to take the stairs. The best part of taking the stairs is no need to change the clothes or pay for using up space.

Encourage your desk-mate or office buddy to accompany you in this exercise. And if you don’t find anyone to keep you moving, just start the music and start walking. With your favorite track in mind, everything seems easy.

2. Keep green

Apart from enhancing the visual appearance of your workspace, plants are also beneficial to increase productivity. The bosses should especially make a note that plants not only decrease stress by 12% but can even decrease the maintenance and operation costs of temperature control by 20%.

The indoor plants can help purify the contaminated air in office. They even reduce office noise. Many such benefits of keeping plants in office are proved by the study made by Dr. Roger S. Ulrich of Texas A&M University, Helen Russell, Surrey University, England and Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University.

3. Use smart furniture

Being stationary all day is killing! But few office furniture pieces can really help you stay on your feet. Investing in good ergonomic chairs is as important as getting a weekend from the hectic office day. Even keeping a good seating posture is important to keep your body from muscle straining.

If you want to make few healthy changes in the office, get standing desks or trade mill desks for your employees. Trade mill desks may seem too far to start with, but the gym goers will love this idea.

4. Healthy snacks

Most of the offices are located near or around fast-food joints, restaurants or takeaway. This may seem a delectable option for your hungry tummy, but in the long term, it’s going to slow down the metabolism.

Candies, chocolates or sweets look alluring on office desks. Replace them with healthy snacks like mixed nuts or fruits. And if your office has a cafeteria, then it’s even better, as it becomes easy to give your employees a healthy lunch pack.

5. Keep it clean

As stated in a BBC article, “Just 20 minutes of sustained exercise a week – from cleaning to jogging – can impact upon depression, the British Journal of Sports Medicine study found. The more strenuous and frequent the activity, the greater the effect “. So keep the office as clean as possible.

Place hand sanitizers in every corner where employees can get infected easily due to or the accumulation of germs.

6. Mini breaks

This may sound ‘not important’, but giving break to your body and mind is important. These short breaks do not mean coffee breaks. Where to start with? Just get up and stretch! Or simply open the window and let the fresh air and light come in.
And to keep your mind fresh, listen to music. Music is a great tool to inspire and motivate your brain. Plus, it’s the best food for your brain!

7. Healthy rewards

If you really want to keep your employees motivated to stay fit, reward them. These rewards can be anything like discount on gym fees or free yoga mats. Organizing physical activity events outside the office is the best way to enhance the bond between your company and employees.

Promote physical activities by organizing events like ‘Bicycle day’, ‘Yoga day’, ‘Use Elevators’, or anything that involves physical and mental activities. But remember not to push it too hard.

8. The Teamwork

The hardest part of staying fit is keeping all those unhealthy distractions away from you (and your waistline). Doing this alone can definitely be tough. Hence, find a workout buddy from your office and encourage others to join you.

Most importantly, a helping hand from an employer will always encourage employees to stay physically and mentally fit.

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