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Achieving a sustainable workplace is a balancing act that requires companies to factor in people, profits and planet (the three vital Ps) with each being equally important. They are meant to enhance profits, keep employees content and minimize the impact on the environment.

Some companies might brush off the concept of sustainable workplace and work styles as fanciful thinking, but there are excellent reasons why this needs to be done. So, what do sustainable workplace and work styles actually mean? They refer to broad policies and decisions that employers or businesses need to adopt to bolster employee health and satisfaction, and boost revenues.

For instance, if the workplace is not made less stressful or hectic, then employees may suffer a burnout. Unhappy and fatigued employees will lose interest in their work. And, they are more likely to fall ill and take frequent leaves. This will naturally affect the efficiency of employees, and in the long run, the company’s productivity will decline. Also, if employees feel that the company does not care about their well-being, then it will affect their morale. And, this might increase the company’s attrition rate. Employee retention is also vital for a company’s success.

So, how can sustainability be achieved in the workplace? Here are a few suggestions that might help.

Change up the design and ethos of the place

You can implement a few changes in the design of the workplace to champion the three Ps. And, they can be…

  • Switch to LED lighting that consumes 75% less power than usual lights. It brightens up the place and yet reduces electricity bills.
  • Consider skylights and large windows that will let in a lot of natural light. Notably, natural light not only saves electricity and helps the planet but uplifts employees’ mood as well.
  • Serve healthy but delicious food at the company cafeteria that will guarantee that employees don’t just love the food but it also keeps them healthy.

Negative work culture has to be nipped

Work styles have to be fluid. Employers have to ensure that employees do not lose interest, feel undermined by others or suffer burnout. To this effect, many companies are cutting down on work hours. Contrary to popular belief, this does not lower the company’s productivity. Employees who are not forced to toil away approach work with stamina, dedication and creativity. It might also be a good idea to sponsor vacations for employees.

Another way to nip negativity is to ensure that no bitterness is harboured by one set of employees against another. Intervention by HR and complete transparency are a must. To boost camaraderie, organise picnics and parties for employees.

Workplace and work style sustainability is a win-win situation for everyone. It is the need of the hour considering the fact that the majority of the workforce experiences stress. A sustainable workplace paired with a sustainable work style is the best path for a company to grow and succeed.

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