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The evolution of technology has brought monumental changes in office designs. Here at SKV, we understand that technology is fundamental to all the aspects of business and have pro-actively incorporated technological advancements to our operations. By doing so, we have successfully speeded up all the activities to deliver projects right on schedule.

Whether to streamline the processes or effortlessly manage the projects, technology has surely made everything easy for us. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, our clients enjoy less downtimes and more cost-effective office design solutions.

Better Control with SAP Implementation

The SAP modules for construction and engineering industries have transformed exponentially. With the help of SAP Implementation, SKV has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of processes. The technology helps us establish better control and management across the organization. SAP has armed us with the power to handle different types of complex projects with ease and reduce delivery time cycles. Our experienced IT team manages deployment, training and infrastructure.

Reaping the Benefits of SAP

  • Seamless Process Integration
  • Better Resource Management
  • Real-Time Data Availability
  • End-to-End Control and Management
  • Reduced Project Costs

Real-Time Visibility with Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have complete control over your ongoing project? With SKV, that’s you will get! We power up the construction sites with cloud-enabled infrastructure. Our dynamic and robust infrastructure allows us to offer real-time feed transmission to multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Making the Most of Our Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure

  • Live Feed of Sites Captured via HD Cameras
  • Cloud Storage of Data for Future Retrievals
  • App Based and Online Camera Feed
  • Easy-to-Install Deployment

Enhanced Project Tracking with Project Management App

When it comes to project tracking, SKV goes to great lengths to ensure that clients have complete control over their projects. Our project management and attendance mobile app empower clients to track and manage their projects. The app also guarantees a better check on the revenue losses.

Taking Advantage of Our Project Management and Attendance Mobile App

  • Keep a Check on the Revenue Losses
  • Multiple Attendance During the Day
  • Efficient Calculator
  • Full Control of Mobile and Distributed Teams
  • Avoid Misuse of Clients’ and Organization’s Resources

Strong Online Presence with Social Media

We know that to survive in today’s virtual world, we need to have a strong online presence. That’s why, we have developed SKV as a socially and digitally active company. Our social media presence assists us in gaining knowledge about the industry best practices that we utilize to offer maximum returns to our clients. Company information and updates are shared with the stakeholders through our monthly newsletters and informative corporate website.

Making Technology Work for Us

  • Social Media Presence with Quick Response Time
  • Sharing Knowledge and Industry Best Practices
  • WhatsApp-Based Team Group for Seamless and Faster Communication
  • Chat-Based Doubt Handling Mechanism and Workflow

Staying Connected through 24×7 IVR Helpline System

During emergencies, every minute counts. Our real-time emergency response team is always ready to handle urgent situations. Clients can get information and support from our self-help desk as well as query handling systems. We also provide automated doubt resolution and information provision. We are always connected with our clients through 24×7 support.

Technology has, indeed, revolutionized office interiors. We have tapped into the technological developments to bring our clients the best results.

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