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Modern Small Office Interior Design

Conference rooms are important in any workspace. All the major decisions are made in that small, big, vertical, cubic room. It can make your clients and staff feels energetic and positive or makes them feel bored, like usual. But the modern office is changing and so is the attitude we take into the conference room. Those rooms are now no more board meeting rooms where we don’t like to sit. Does your conference room need an update? If you think that the conference rooms in your office are no more engaging or exciting, it’s time to change their look. Check out few tips that might help:

1. The Blah Blah Blah meeting rooms:

Yes, the meeting mindset may end in “Blah Blah Blah” if your conference room is as boring as the presentation. Let there be plenty of room for creativity. Open up the space for new designs to enter into the conference room. Let the colors and splashes reflect your company’s style. Change the ‘understatement’ of the conference rooms, now! Use bright, cool or subtle colors for different conference rooms.

2. Keep them separated:

Your office may have more than two to three conference rooms. So don’t be afraid to separate them and keep them as ‘individuals’. Keep each of them different in terms of style, design, colors, furniture and even technology. Some meeting room requires the only projector while some may require Chromecast, Apple TV and more. But provide plenty of natural light to enter each of them. This keeps them bright and positive.

3. Keep the technology updated:

No matter wherever you are working from, a conference room is the place that connects all remote users at a single place. Hence, buy technology that is not only adaptive to changes in your office, but also makes the workload easy, fast and ubiquitous. If you spend more time on video conferencing, then buy premium services instead of free one. They enhance the technology usage in a conference room in a better way.

4. No internet!

The worst thing that can make your conference room dull is a room without proper bandwidth. Our world, as well as meetings, revolves around the internet. Hence all the conference rooms must be provided with adequate internet bandwidth. You probably don’t want to get bored because the video conference is on buffer mode!

5. Name them:

This may sound weird, but it’s definitely worth trying. Naming conference rooms is a way to add a personal touch to your workspace. Be creative, be new! Naming them on superheroes, countries, gadgets, or anything else can be cool. And it sounds interesting than ‘Meeting Room 2’!

6. Stay away from wood:

If you want to step out from the traditional look, forget wooden furniture. Instead, go for Vinyl, plastic or other furniture that are colorful, durable and eye-soothing. There’s no harm in adding some color pops in the subtle meeting room with furniture. Experiment and create your own style statement.

7. The Visual:

Not all of us are lucky to have a conference room on the 20th floor that overlooks the fast paced city lanes or natural surroundings. But if you do have, then seize it immediately and take your conference room to the next level of a detour!

Whatever conference room strategy you have in mind, don’t forget to leave out space for technology, energy, and inspiration.

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