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As the world is advancing towards technology, even our lifestyle is changing. And because we’re constantly under the ‘change’ era, even our tools need to be updated. Though our lives and working style seem to be easy, rich and flexible from the top, but underneath we all know how complicated it can get. Furniture is our living environment’s definition and we certainly take it for granted. It is one of the most primary tools in our daily life and still neglect it on a larger scale, simply because don’t connect it with technology. That’s when ‘smart furniture‘ comes into the picture.

1. What is Smart Furniture?

Before beginning to discuss on how does smart furniture can shape your workspace environment, it’s important to note down its actual meaning. Any furniture defined as smart is capable enough to process the information from its surrounding environment including users and other devices, to let the user feel its elegance in every possible way.

2. Example, please:

Let’s make you understand better. For instance, Stir Kinetic Desk M1 is a smart desk that reads your daily routine and notifies you accordingly the best time for you to sit and stand. It also has motorized legs that functions quietly to raise or lower itself according to your convenience. Now that’s what smart means!

3. Why is smart furniture better than dumb furniture for office?

Yes, even normal furniture does the things you need. Just like smart technology adapts your working habits to suit you, even smart furniture does the same. They’re more comfortable, adapts easily to the body, which means you can focus on your work without letting your back or neck hurt. Ever heard of ergonomics? That’s we’re dealing with in smart office furniture.

4. Are they costly?

Though smart furniture is better than normal ones, but they can make a big hole in your pocket. Herman Miller chairs can cost you minimum of $600 where as laptop desks begin from $70. Few of the popular names in the smart office furniture world are Herman Miller, Steelcase, BDI, Blu Dot, Ikea.

5. What are smart features of smart office furniture?

Of course, the biggest advantage of smart office furniture is that you can actually live ergonomics in daily life, instead of just reading in the brochure. This is quite healthy for your ‘health’. They’re wireless, flexible in terms of adjustments and movements, some are also energy saving, and thus helps your employees from annoying problems that they often relate to standard furniture.

6. There would be some downside:

Yes, just like all good things come with a defect, even smart furniture can kill the work mood in the office. Most smart furniture is based on ergonomics and to configure their settings you have to understand it. So if you’re bad in it, you would probably end up struggling with that ‘so-called’ furniture. Another downfall can be its privacy violation. This smart furniture gathers information about you, which means they can tell your boss when you’re not on the desk or around.

Hence, only building smart furniture is not enough, you have to even learn them. Also, they’re costly and can be complicated to use. So think wisely before purchasing one of these.

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