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Perhaps, you never noticed that these tiny not so important till now accessory can turn your whole office look upside down. Commercial spaces may have limited options when it comes to picking up the perfect tiles. But that does not mean you can’t experiment with these stylish, affordable accessories. Are you considering to upgrade your office’s visual appeal? Then start by changing the floor tiles, it can really make a huge difference! How? Let’s find out:

1. Why Tiles?

We’re moving towards modern office trends. Have you noticed the big fashion store across the street or the buzzing commercial mall? What do they have in common? They all will have floor tiles instead of floor coverings (as they’re a serious alternative in every commercial and retail environment). When it comes to flooring, we generally take it for granted. But it can be the smartest investment for your modern office.

2. Why not roll out the carpet?

Your feet may love to feel cozy under the carpet, but we’re in a workspace and not home. Floor tiles are a smart option in terms of durability and money. Carpets have shorter life span and can seriously cost you more when someone accidentally spills on it. Does your office carpet looks worn and show the regular trails on it? Not a pleasing sight, is it?

3. What about ‘The Look’?

If you have stepped into any modern office, you would know that even floor tiles can create an aesthetic appeal like carpets. With time and technology, even floor tiles have matured and can be a perfect accessory to beautify your workspace with colors, designs, and style. Vinyl, rubber, linoleum, hardwood, any flooring type can create any looks from classical to avant-garde.

4. Which one is best?

You have carpet, porcelain, granite, ceramic, vinyl, and loads of other options to suit your taste. But when we talk about the office, it’s more of ‘combined’ thinking. Though each one has its own advantage, you can utilize them in your own delectable way. For example, Vinyl tiles leave scars of accidents and footmarks on the long run, whereas hard tiles like porcelain and ceramic are durable, easy to maintain and available in tons of texture, colors, design.

5. Should we use different flooring for each frontier?

You can use any type of flooring, as long as it fits within your budget. Picking up the best one can be tricky as it depends on upon the type of business, budget, foot traffic and maintenance cost. However, if you walk around a lot, soft tiles like vinyl or linoleum is perfect as its feet friendly. But for those who don’t move much, go for ceramic or porcelain as it will look visually appealing.

6. Any other hint?

No matter, whatever flooring type you choose for workspace, keep in mind about the durability and maintenance cost. Don’t make it too distracting, as you’re not contriving to build a space to distract, but a workspace where your employees can work easily. Choose big tiles as bigger tiles are less disturbing, which means will have fewer patterns to sidetrack you. And remember that proper floor insulation is the best practice to engender the best out from the commercial tiles.

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