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Accidents happen! Unfortunately, they don’t just leave behind temporary injuries but also scars for life. Lives are disrupted and families are destroyed. At SKV, we recognize that our work involves dangerous conditions. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that our employees are safe because nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our workforce.

From safety materials and site instructions to trainings and audits, we have employed fool-proof safety strategies to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the construction projects. Multi­lingual, skill-specific safety training is also given to the ground workers by specialists. We make every member of our staff observe our safety rules at all times.

Safety Materials and Clothing

Our employees are provided with safety gear to protect them from foreign objects and harmful chemicals. We offer them standard ear plugs, face masks, goggles, gloves, clothing and other safety materials.

Site Instructions and Signage

  • Construction sites are accident-prone areas. That’s why we take precautions by
  • deploying safety instructions and guidelines on the sites in multiple languages,
  • including regional. For night shifts, backlit and illuminated signs are used for visibility.

Onsite Chief Safety Officer

A dedicated team comprising of certified members with years of experience is deployed on construction sites to keep safety checks. A safety engineer makes certain that all the safety practices are being followed and sends the report to the management.

Surprise Visits and Audits

  • All the safety equipment on the sites are periodically checked for their efficiency.
  • Random visits and audits help us keep a track of the progress of the projects on
  • The safety report from the audits is submitted to the head office on a regular basis.

Camera Monitoring

  • We aim to have a strong on-ground enforcement of our safety practices. To achieve
  • this endeavor, all the sites are monitored using multiple cameras to guarantee that
  • there is no breach of safety and security standards. Live feeds are received by the
  • project managers through site cameras.

Appreciation and Accolades

When projects are successfully completed without any safety issues or accidents, the respective teams are rewarded for their hard-work. We take pride in the fact that 99% of our safety teams are rewarded for their dedication towards safe project-completion.

Policy Compliance

After years of research, we were able to design safety policy that includes stringent safety measures adopted from the best industry practices and standards.

The policy is updated from time-to-time to incorporate the latest trends. We don’t just frame the policies but also take care that they are implemented at the ground level.

For us safety is not an obligation, but the way we work at SKV. All the safety criteria at construction sites are met to keep our workers, experts, engineers and site visitors safe.

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