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We all have bad days and worst days in the office. But with friends, it becomes easy to pass the day. Of course, you can’t carry your friends in a bag to the office. So why not make friends in office? After all, it’s the place where you spend your half the time. Friends are always important, no matter wherever you work, eat, sleep, pray, run, and everything in between! You can’t run your company without a happy staff, can you? Hence, it’s even important for the bosses to keep the friendly and positive atmosphere alive in the office. These tips might help those ‘friends-searching’ (including bosses) folks in the office:

1.Keep positivity in your pocket:

You can’t make any friends without that ‘ego’ logo on your face. So keep your ego aside and charge in some positive vibe in yourself. You don’t need to paste the fake smile all day long, but a small smile exchange with your desk-mate will not cost you huge money.

2. Keep the courtesy handy:

Remember how you met your best friend? Well, you may not be looking for best friends at the workplace. But a simple, uncomplicated friend in the workplace can help you face those ugly situations. So keep the courtesy of saying “hi” few times a day (to anyone you meet) but with a genuine smile. This is the simplest way to get you into a conversation!

3. Eat together:

Another great way to improve relationships with your co-workers is sharing your lunch. This way you and other office members can elevate the personal involvements too. And a great way to keep you updated too.

4. Don’t just hear, but listen:

Effective communication can begin only with active listening. Let people say out their thoughts and opinions. Listen to them and share your opinions. Instead of using words “no, it will not work” say “it might work as a possibility”. Keep some chat time in your schedule every day as a stress buster in hectic workload.

5. Keep the levels equal:

No matter however you two differ in thoughts, style or work, keep a note that everyone in the office deserves equality. Treat everyone same. Office politics can certainly be poisonous and often unavoidable. So the best way to keep a distance is reducing involvement in gossips. You know very well that those quiet whispers are the roots of every problem in the office.

6. Say “welcome”:

Okay, maybe you prefer to stick with the old network, but don’t see those new hires as intruders or ET. Remember that you too were in that phase one day! You don’t need to butter them up or always be on friendly terms with them, but you certainly have to keep at least positive relations with them.

7. Let your social links be off-the-grid:

Keep your coworkers out of your social media circle. It’s best if you avoid bragging about your social status (you know how your one ugly or drunken pic can make you talk of the office). It’s best to restrict office connections on social media platforms.

8. Respect each other’s time:

Another thing you should keep in mind is not every coworker you need is free to attend your query. It’s very rude to hover over somebody’s desk until its emergency. You certainly are trying to be friends, but remember it’s your office and not home.

We hope that these tips help you build friendly relations in the workspace. Keep calm and stay friendly!

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