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Office Refurbishment may seem like a Herculean task, but it’s one of the best ways to boost your business. It gives you a chance to make a new impression of your company. There are many ways to boost your business, but you have to agree that office plays a vital role in performance. Office Refurbishment may cost you, but it’s a solid way to make your office stand out among your competitors and showcase the talents available in your company. Read on to know how office refurbishment may help you in boosting your business:

1. The First Impression:

For startups, the first impression is very important. Your reception or office is the first place which makes an inkling on your potential client or customers. That’s your first knock on the productivity, isn’t it? If your office looks dingy or dark, will your client feel confident in your work? It makes a negative impression about your attitude to your staff and customers.

2. Inspiring Interiors:

You may not fill your office with pretty antiques or funky furniture, but a bright, well-lighted space, modern furniture, clutter free and organized office will surely help your potential client or customer remember about you in a positive way.

3. Go for the numbers:

If you don’t believe in office refurbishment, you can research some reports done in past years. According to a recent study made by The Arcadis, minor office refurbishment in the cities like Paris, Shanghai, London, Milan showed an approximately 7% increase in returns. These were only minor refurbishments that gave impressive results!

4. Candid habitat:

Okay, your office is not a habitat, but many people spend half of their day in that space. It’s important to give them a candid or you can say communicative environment. An open workspace creates an engaging atmosphere which boosts performance. According to The Abius Report, there was an increase of 15% growth in productivity of their company when they gave employees an enriched and new workplace.

5. Resting with nature:

Do you know that a well-ventilated office can increase worker’s output up to 11%? That’s what World Green Building Council report says. A well-aerated office that has a natural entry of sunlight can help to keep employees stress free and active. What can be more relaxing than nature!

6. The desirable workplace:

New talents want open, attractive and well-facilitated workspace. Like the way right staff can help you to boost company’s performance, similarly optimal amenities can help you attract a talent pool to your company. These can be anything from the gym to shower!

7. Gearing up with new technology:

Nobody wants to work where they  can’t access the internet or use 1970’s computers. Old furniture and outdated technology will not inspire your employees. Embracing new technology and modern furniture can help boost your employees work performance and attract your clients.

8. Homely Vibe:

This may sound absurd, but we all know that we feel our best in the home only. When you create a homely atmosphere in your workplace, it makes your staff as well as customers and clients comfortable. Take a look at Google’s offices around the globe for example.

A well designed and stylish work space is the mantra of modern day office refurbishment companies. And a cool workplace is what everybody desires!

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