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Whether it’s merging office with another division or simply relocating it another space, changing or moving your workspace can really bring effective changes. The changes that come can be good, bad or mix of both. Relocating can give you an opportunity to start fresh. But to ensure that you handle office relocation smoothly, don’t forget to prepare this checklist before making this big decision:

1. The location:

How will you know whether the new location is suitable for your office? Public transportation, access to major roads, easy to locate, parking, local amenities, etc are the key points that will help you get the clear outline of your location requirements.

2. The Neighborhood:

Once you’re sure about your new location, it’s time to check in the neighborhood. Check if any of your competitors or buyers nearby? Are the neighbors good enough to tolerate? Any noise, smell or parking issues? Don’t forget to ask about the future up gradation of the building to your landlord as you may have to pay for it.

3. The Decision Makers:

You can’t decide the relocation change solely. So get opinions from people who’re aware of your offices, like staff and workers. The administrative staff is probably the best people to take information from as they know more about the company. Keep them in the loop, to avoid any surprises.

4. The Budget:

It’s time to make a tough decision, finalizing the project budget. You can’t move forward without a clear budget. Get quotes for everything, most companies don’t charge for it. Occupancy cost, Design and Fit-Out cost, Transaction fees, Insurance, temporary storage cost, telecoms, taxes; everything has to be pointed out now.

5. Fit Out Consulting:

Engaging them at this stage will help you get the estimated costs and surveys of your new building. Hire a company that gives you a turnkey solution, to save your time and money. Make everything to the points about things like plumbing, MEP services, space planning, IT installations, furniture moving and assembling, time guarantee, post assistance, etc.

6. Communicating with Stake Holders:

You certainly can’t move ahead, if you haven’t contacted about office relocation with your stakeholders. Send a note to all these people: Unions, Regulators, Board Members, Staff, Department Heads, Parent Company. Discuss with them and let them voice their opinions.

7. Storage Problem:

Take a look at the current storage needs. Is your new office big enough to let your employees work in a clutter-free environment? Does it have enough space to be used in future?

8. Information:

Inform about the new location to your stakeholders and staff. Give them a newsletter about the key points of the new area. Try to arrange office tours with your key stakeholders and staff.

9. Office Tools:

Does your new office already have any sort of systems or furniture installed? Will all equipment fit and work properly? Internet and network coverage? You certainly can’t work in bad network coverage.

10. Plan the move:

Once, you’ve made a thorough check on everything above, you can now plan your move. Now, you can decide whether your new office location is suitable for you or not.

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