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At SKV, we take our user(s) privacy very seriously. This privacy policy is curated to inform the user(s) of the website about all the required information that is being collected when they visit or browse the website, and use any application that is owned and operated by the platform i.e. SKV. In order to make the browsing experience of the user(s) even more hassle-free and convenient, this privacy policy also informs the user(s) about the usage of the collected information and how it is protected from any breach.

The domain is a hosted property that is operated by Studiokon Ventures Private Limited (SKV) and is certified by ISO, having its headquarters registered at Plot No. 57, Urban Estate, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana – 122001.

Agreement of Terms and Conditions

The user(s) of this website should read and fully understand the privacy policy; further consenting that the terms and conditions of the policy are acceptable to him or her. The terms and conditions, attaining information, and its correct usage which is mentioned in the points further, are constituted through an agreement that is legally bound between Studiokon Ventures Private Limited (SKV) and the user(s). The privacy policy, as mentioned here, consists of points that define your limits, legal rights, and obligations, towards the usage of the website.

The policy also defines your participation on the portal, which majorly includes classified advertisements, various emails, newsletter, forums, and other such content as well as service(s) that are present on this portal. The policy is applicable and accessible (for reading purpose only) to all the user(s) browsing the website, which also includes user(s) who have access and/or are registered on the platform. The privacy policy is also defined for those user(s) who contribute content, information, advertisements, private and public messages, and materials similar to the mentioned services on the portal.

User Limitation

The user(s) must agree and undertake that he/she shall not modify, copy, distribute, display, reverse engineer, change software codes, transfer, publish, and sell any information from or on the website. Copying, modifying and posting of the content (website information, design UI/UX, or any such aspects) taken from this website for any commercial or noncommercial purpose is strictly prohibited.

Collection of Information

Personal Information

Here, the term personal information is used to define any information, which can be used to identify or contact the user(s) easily. Such information includes –

  1. The name of the user(s)
  2. Address – referring to residential or place of work, as per the convenience of the user(s).
  3. Email address – also referring to the personal or official id, as per the user(s) convenience.
  4. User(s) phone number and records, which are not otherwise available in the public domain.

In case of any requisition of sign up by the portal that is made on the website, we collect personal information of only those user(s) who are interested –

  1. In connecting with SKV’s design partners to plan or discuss the designs they are looking for
  2. Availing the services offered by SKV
  3. Service partners

If any personal information is collected from any of the partners, Design or Service, it may be partially or completely accessible to the user(s) or relevant people who are availing our services. Similarly, if any design or service partner requires any personal information of a particular user(s) who may have asked for design or any other services, the partner is provided with either partial or complete information on a need to know basis.

The personal information obtained from the user(s) shall be termed as ‘willing disclosure’ and shall not have any coercion. Any liability pertaining to the authenticity, negligence or fraud of the information that is being shared by the user(s) on the portal will be displayed on SKV nor will the brand be responsible for verifying that the personal data obtained is from the user(s) itself.

Age of the User(s)

At SKV, we are extremely particular about the privacy of the user(s), especially, when it comes to kids, we do not collect any personal data from children who are under the age of 13. If the user(s) accesses or registers on the website, he or she will have to represent that he/she is either 18 years or above and is using the website under parental supervision. If the user(s) is below the age of 18, make sure that you do not submit any of the personal data.

Personal Data Collected from Social Media Portals

The user(s) may be given access to log in to the portal through their Google or Facebook account. If the user(s) opts to do so, he/she should enter the email address and password that he/she uses for that particular account. The user(s) will be asked to grant permission to the platform i.e. SKV to access and acquire the necessary information from Facebook. This information will include –

  1. The user(s) profile name
  2. Profile picture
  3. Gender
  4. Networks
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Email address
  7. Any other information that the user(s) has set to ‘public view’.

We don’t access any personal information of the user(s) that has been set to ‘private’. The information received from Facebook will be stored safely along with any other information that has been provided to us by the user(s). However, please go through the privacy policy of Facebook, in case you want to know how Facebook uses your information. SKV does not have any control over any third party sites nor discloses any information that is gathered.

If the user(s) accesses the platform’s i.e. SKV’s social media handles from the website, he/she may be asked for personal information to keep a database. However, the information collected will be kept under complete security and shall not be disclosed without the consent of the user(s) under any circumstances.

Sending or Receiving of Calls, Emails, and Messages

The website has a chatbot where the user(s) can chat with our customer support executive in case of any queries or concerns. We also allow the user(s) to make calls to the design and service partners through the website itself. While accessing these facilities, the user(s) will be asked to provide us with some of the personal information that is absolutely necessary. The user(s) can also contact us through our social media handles; information is required here as well. The information collected shall remain confidential and will be accessible only to the design or service partners on a need to know basis. However, in case of any dispute, security purpose, and analytics, the platform may use the information to resolve the issues.

Device Location

We may obtain information from the user(s) device such as a computer, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones through which the user(s) surfs our website. This includes information about the user(s) interacts with the services mentioned on the platform, which helps us in associating the user(s) activity across the device and services they are interested in. The information collected from the device includes –

  1. Device-specific identifiers
  2. Location
  3. IP address
  4. Cookie information
  5. Advertising identifiers
  6. Browsing version
  7. Device settings and software data.

The information collected from the user(s) device is securely stored and is only shared with those employee(s) of SKV which is associated with the user(s) like design or service partners.

Data Security

SKV shall make sure to protect the user(s) rights of privacy and the information collected. We will take appropriate measures to ensure that there is no unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, misuse, or removal of any information, per the laws applicable. To safeguard the confidentiality of the information, physical, electronic, and administrative procedures are used as well as all the necessary encryptions are also used. However, in case of any cause that is beyond the control of SKV, we shall not be responsible for any misuse or disclosure of the user(s) information.

Any third party links that are being shown on the website while the user(s) is browsing it, SKV takes no responsibility in verifying the authenticity of the link. If the user(s) clicks on the given third party link or advertisement, any disclosure of data or information shall be at the discretion of the user(s). However, if the links are anyway associated with SKV, then the protection of the user(s) data and ensuring no disclosure or misuse of such information shall be at the discretion of the brand i.e. SKV and its employees.

Revision in the Policy

SKV holds unconditional right to make changes and modify the privacy policy without any consent from the user(s). The brand also holds no responsibility to inform the user(s) before making any amendments to this policy. The user(s) will be notified about the updated privacy policy on the website once the changes are done. The changes made shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations. For better transparency, the date of the last revision made in the policy will be stated at the beginning itself.


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