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Office Fit Out is not a new word. Many of you might be aware of it and many  might be having few hints. If you’re thinking about a new office or something about redesigning your office, then it’s time to know about “Office Fit Out”. Is your office really ‘fit’ for “Fit Out”? Is it a daunting task or an interesting one? Here’s everything about “Office Fitout” that you should know before signing on the dotted line:

1. What is “Office Fit Out”?

Fit Out is the term that is usually used to describe a process to make interior spaces suitable for the occupant of the office. Basically, the office spaces are developed according to the needs of office occupants.

2. Why Office Fit Out?

Investing your time and money in the present workplace is the business growth in future. Think about the potential outcomes of it, how it can increase the value of your company. According to a recent study, 88% companies believe that their Office Fitouts had a positive impact on employees. Hence, you can say that Office Fitout might actually boost the productivity of your employees.

3. What is the process involved in Office Fitout?

As such there are no official “step” involved in Office Fit Out. However, there are two types of Office Fit Outs viz. Category A and Category B.

4. What does the term “Shell And Core” mean in Office Fitout?

You can say that “Shell and Core” are the mainframe of the building. The building is complete, but the systems and services are yet to be installed.

5. What is Category A Fit Out?

Category A Fit Out refers to the tenant’s own space Fit Out. This is the basic Fit Out and includes all the processes like electrical and mechanical installations. Suspended Ceilings, Fire Systems, Lighting, Air Conditioning, are included in this Fit Out. In Category A Fit Out, you can expect grid ceilings, fitted lights, raised floors, internal surface finishes, blinds, etc.

6. What’s Category B Fit Out?

Category B is developing the internal space according to the tenant’s requirements. Category A is a blank canvas and Category B is filling out that canvas. With Category B, you can have the chance to create a new vision that perfectly matches your company. This makes the office functional that includes Private office spaces, IT Common Rooms, Kitchen/ Snack areas, Reception Area, Floor finish, Doors, Meeting and Conference Rooms, Installation of Furniture and so on.

7. How much Office Fit Out Cost?

Now, this one is hard to answer as the costs vary from region to region and spaces. Few Fit Outs require only cosmetic uplifts while few requires structural development too. Even these vary based on the quality, furniture, space, etc. according to your requirement. But just to get a rough figure in your mind, you can consider at least: Fit Out Costs (quoted by developers), along with the costs of installation and training cost, furniture cost, IT infrastructures. Also, keep a contingency budget of between 5 to 10% of the total project cost.

8. How much time does Office Fit-Out take?

This again depends upon the requirements of office space and on the developer’s ability. Few projects wind up within one month while few may take more than 7 weeks.

9. I’m still confused, whether Office Fit Out will work for me?

Chances are that if you’re reading this then surely you’re ready for a change. Office Fit Out is all about how your business will change in the next five years. Hence, your workspace needs to imitate your present business value along with the promptness to adopt any changes in near future.

10. Any other external influence to consider?

You might need to check with these external influences before planning:

  • Fulfillment of Present Legislation
  • Following “Go Green” (don’t just talk, but adapt it)
  • Health and Safety issues of your current workplace
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