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You know that everyone around you is supporting “Go Green” mantra. And it has nothing do with the color. You may have researched a lot on how to make your office eco-friendly. Some say use less printer, but what if your company is the one who earns money by printing only? Some would say use natural lighting, but your employees may get frustrated due to heat coming directly on them through windows. So can we make the office green? Yes! Making your office eco-friendly may seem hard in the beginning, but these tips will surely help you to achieve your “Go Green” mantra in the office:

1. Desktops:

You may turn a blind eye when it comes to comprise your computer use over environment saving mantra. But, let’s not forget we’re in the era where technology is developing at a rocket-speed. Today, you have companies like “Asus” and “iameco” that produces computers with only 15% plastic. These computers produce 70% less Carbon Dioxide emissions than your conventional computers. Plus they’re using natural products like Bamboo and wooden frames for making these gizmos!

2. Printers:

The second most important device used is the printer in the office. You can certainly minimize the usage of printers to stick to the eco-friendly version in office. But what about the offices or companies who can’t stop heavy usage of printers? You must have heard about Digital Printing as an option for eco-friendly printing. But to make it more effective, use inks that are water based inks, soy based inks or made from low volatile organic compounds.

3. Furniture:

Do you know that normal furniture releases toxic gasses? And the places like office which are well-insulated can’t throw out such toxic gasses easily. Make sure the company you buy furniture from has “Green Guard” certification. These companies produce furniture that uses materials which are untreated or treated with natural substances, which do not release any toxic gasses. Safety and eco-friendly, together!

4. Lightings:

We all want to incorporate natural lightings into our offices as much as possible. But you know how the sunlight can cast a glare on computer screens, roast the person working near a window or produce reflections on others while you enjoy the view. For embracing eco-friendly concept fully in terms of lighting, purchase “daylighting” or “daylight redirecting” products that direct sunlight towards ceilings and reroute sun rays into the desired area of the building. These products may be costly, but in the long term, they’re actually a money saver.

5. Bamboo Chicks:

If your office is in that part of the planet where sunlight gets really harsh at times, try using Bamboo chicks instead of usual curtains or blinds. Bamboo chicks are natural blinds that will help your office from heat insulation and also looks chic. They’re available in plenty of designs and colors to brighten up your dull office space.

6. Products:

Our office is a place where we use loads of products from stationary to toilet papers. You can contribute your part to the environment by replacing these products with natural and long-lasting products. This will also reduce your overall maintenance cost. For instance, switch to hand powered paper shredder, recycled notes, the 7-year pen, recycled trash bins, paper towels, and the list go on!

7. Plants:

Yes, you can’t be eco-friendly without these in your offices. We know how much you work and have little time in office to care about these plants. You can buy plants that require low maintenance, are easy to grow and act as air filters. Look for plants like Snake Plant, Peace Lily, African Violet, Cactus, Umbrella Tree, that can fit up into small spaces like a desk and give you a fresh visual every day.

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