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Commercial interior design plays a big role in building aesthetically appealing and useful facilities that express the overall vibe and personality of your company. Not only does it boost the value of your business, it also attracts new customers and improves the workplace setting for people who spend time in it.

Having said all that, commercial interior design projects can be tricky to manage at times, especially with the constant flux of modern design ideas. At the end of the day, the facility must be functional and cost-effective while still providing a distinctive and interesting experience. Take a look at these commercial interior design concepts that are sure to make professional workplaces a lot more enticing: –

  1. Multipurpose Design

Commercial property owners are always seeking new ways to keep the costs in check, which is why multipurpose design and they are a match made in heaven – it is a popular and cost-effective approach without compromising on utility and comfort. Elements such as movable office chairs, breakout rooms, hybrid hotel lobby and bar sections, and dynamic layouts are integral to this approach. These versatile design components improve the flow of business space and provide greater flexibility for staff and customers alike.

  1. Open Floor Plan

Having fewer partitions is a wonderful sight in collaborative workplaces. To start with, it stimulates teamwork, allows for more accessible floor plan adjustments when necessary, and is less expensive to build since fewer dividing walls are required. Overall, it is a move in the right direction to promote employee health. This is why an open-floor commercial space is recommended by designers as it makes it easier to walk around, thereby making different teams more accessible.

  1. Personalized Space

When it comes to customer-based businesses such as restaurants and hotels, it becomes essential to make customers feel at home whilst also providing them with the option of receiving preferential services and atmosphere. Therefore, the interior design plans for such commercial spaces must offer spaces and features that fulfil personal interests and preferences. Restaurants, for example, might provide guests with a variety of sitting options, such as indoor seating, garden seating, poolside seating, or terrace seating, allowing them to select the location that is most appealing to them. Hotels, on the other hand, can have various rooms and villas intended to meet the requirements and interests of their visitors.

  1. Eco-Builds

Over the years, commercial building design plans have had to evolve to cater to ecological sustainability, hence the push to promote environmentally friendly commercial designs. While the use of glass has traditionally been associated with inefficiency, modern improvements in window design have flipped that notion on its head. Glass has now become the material of choice for future eco-builds.

Establishments can consider using photo-voltaic glass which incorporates next generation solar cells right onto the window surface. Such an upgrade will contribute to the sustainability quotient of the buildings’ architecture.

  1. Use Natural Elements

Greenery can make any commercial layout feel more organic and welcoming. Sprinkle a few hanging and potted plants throughout the space to bring it to life. You can also explore living walls in a modern commercial structure. Creating smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces is also a wonderful way to add light to your business design and improve the flow of the space.

  1. Use Textures and Paintings

Textures are the best friend of commercial interior design firms; we’ll testify to that! Textures have the potential to completely transform the aesthetic of a workstation if utilised properly. And when you add creative pieces/paintings to the mix, you can create a completely distinct atmosphere. Wall patterns and paintings exist in a variety of forms and designs, such as subtle, bold, and mixed. You can include mandalas, classic or modern framed art or magnificent wall murals (yes, workplaces too can have murals!). Another alternative is to have motivating quotes or positive affirmations framed in various sizes and hung on the walls to create a motivating and beautiful atmosphere.

  1. Reduce Auditory Distractions

Consider working in a zen frame of mind and having a sudden jarring noise break your focus; this may occur in office settings if aural distractions are not handled properly. Consistent noise levels can be bothersome to most employees and impede productivity. While the most effective noise reduction options will be factored in workplace architecture, certain other solutions may be employed in a number of settings. If the issue is at a basic level, such as too many employees working in the same spot or using noisy tools, installing a sound dampening system is recommended.

Simple components such as acoustic boards, carpets, and cloud ceilings may be included in your workstation. They assist in reducing noise levels to a large extent, which leaves your staff in a good mood. Separating rooms for solitary work or using the famous “pods” for quiet places might be a viable alternative. Encouraging employees to use these areas more frequently when they require quiet time can also help enhance employee morale. Once you’ve determined where the noise is coming from, you may isolate it in a different place where it is less likely to disrupt others.

  1. Make it colourful

Just because it’s a commercial space doesn’t mean it has to be draped in boring off-whites and greys. A little colour burst never harmed anyone, so experiment with bold and vivacious colours that fit right in without being a distraction. Several office interior designs fail to produce the desired results owing to poor colour selection. Choose colours that complement the mood of the workplace. You’ll be astonished at how much of an impact it can have by adding a layer of energy to the environment. Unlike popular home office designs, an atelier with natural light is the finest workplace for producing high-end work.

  1. Lights

Lighting, along with ergonomic furniture and stunning pieces of art, is essential to achieving interior designs that work for your business. While it is important to pick comfortable lighting to avoid eye strain during long hours of work, make sure to invest in solutions that complement the rest of your interior design plan. Bring the option of putting up workstations near to the window, as natural light helps with productivity and creates a cheerful ambience.

  1. Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo, unlike other hardwoods, is not naturally resistant to wear and tear. Many hardwoods are susceptible to weathering if not treated properly. In step strand woven bamboo flooring, a far more durable option than vertical or horizontal bamboo flooring because the cross-hatched strands work in conjunction to keep the material’s separate components intact.

These ten simple commercial interior design ideas will ensure that the interior design is safe, sound, useful, and visually beautiful. Furthermore, in today’s competitive corporate environment, dependability is the deciding element in customer retention. Thus, adopting these commercial interior design ideas is bound to provide a reliable, contemporary, one-of-a-kind, and highly productive commercial space. If you are searching for commercial interior designers in Bangalore, we are here for you!

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