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The physical workplace plays a vital role in the overall productivity of employees. Our working environment and workplace design can have a huge impact on our performance and productivity. Let’s look at a few productivity pitfalls in office design and how we can fix them. Lack of natural light Natural light is one of the key factors that impact our productivity. As humans, we are designed to be exposed to
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Over the last century, offices have changed drastically in terms of design, space and culture. While the early offices had rows of workers and typists cramped in a large space today in the modern office we rely on laptops and Wi-Fi to work from almost anywhere. Office designs also reflect a culture shift where now the office is about individuality, freedom, creativity and well-being. The advent of new technology and
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Amidst the chaos, shutdowns, and fears of financial ruin, I find many people surrounding me wondering if they are staring down the barrel of a coronavirus led recession. Several can slowly be seen sinking into a state of depression and worry. These are trying times for all of us. As businessmen and senior industry officials, one has to juggle the stress of profits, losses, salaries, layoffs and perhaps even bankruptcy for
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As an entrepreneur and an employer, I have witnessed a multitude of changes in the last few days owing to COVID-19, as have all of us. This virus has claimed many lives, instilled deep-rooted panic and brought our lives and businesses to a halt. In this scenario, which we have perhaps never experienced before, I find myself having stumbled upon certain crucial learnings which I wish to share with everyone:
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Achieving a sustainable workplace is a balancing act that requires companies to factor in people, profits and planet (the three vital Ps) with each being equally important. They are meant to enhance profits, keep employees content and minimize the impact on the environment. Some companies might brush off the concept of sustainable workplace and work styles as fanciful thinking, but there are excellent reasons why this needs to be done.
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