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These are the most expensive office desks in the world!

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If you have recently spent money on office furniture, you probably know how expensive office furniture can get. From cheap price tags to luxury brands, office furniture is no more just-another-furniture. Chairs may steal the spotlight when it comes to expensive office furniture, but even office desks are the show-stopper. Whether it’s Google Desk or

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Healthy work environment means healthy employees

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With our eyes stuck on computer screens and legs on the seats, it becomes tough to keep the “healthy” motto in our to-do-list. Apart from an increase in productivity, a healthy work environment means happier employees, fewer absences, and importantly, employees stick to your company. It’s hard to take out time from your busy day,

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Can ‘Hot Desking’ Concept Work For Your Office?

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After ‘Slate’ highlighted the many advantages of “Hot Desking” following the Bloomberg story, this new concept is trending all over the world. So what is this all “Hot Desking” about? Can you incorporate this one in your own cubicle? Hot Desking is the smart way to efficiently manage the small space among out-numbered employees. You

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Want to Make Your Employees Healthier? Read On…

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According to a research conducted in 2006, there was a reduction of 10% in the employee performance when the indoor temperatures were at 30 degree celsius and 15 degree celsius as compared to the temperatures at 21 degree celsius and 23 degree celsius. The study is available with REHVA – the Federation of European Heating,

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Got Open Office? Then Learn These Etiquettes!

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You’re squashed between long desks, your neighbor is gossiping while you’re trying to stay away from distraction, as you have a deadline. Welcome to the open office world! Workspaces are narrowing down and private space is no more private. While start-ups can’t afford private cubicles for each, giant ventures encourage open-office concept to strengthen amity

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Smart Office Furniture: Is it real?

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As the world is advancing towards technology, even our lifestyle is changing. And because we’re constantly under the ‘change’ era, even our tools need to be updated. Though our lives and working style seem to be easy, rich and flexible from the top, but underneath we all know how complicated it can get. Furniture is

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Tiling: Does your office have the ‘right tiles’?

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Perhaps, you never noticed that these tiny not so important till now accessory can turn your whole office look upside down. Commercial spaces may have limited options when it comes to picking up the perfect tiles. But that does not mean you can’t experiment with these stylish, affordable accessories. Are you considering to upgrade your

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