Why Green Spaces Are a Must-Have in any Working Environment?

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As we have already seen, technology greatly increases the possibility of flexible work settings; It has also encouraged having a 24*7 working culture. With the blend of the three – internet, technology, and COVID -19, the world has become a small village where the barriers of space, location, and time have been broken. People with various skill sets, backgrounds, and ethnicities work together. Thus, organisations after the pandemic have started to emphasize on fresh and original approaches like the provision of environmentally friendly offices to enhance the working environment for their employees, given the long working hours and associated greater stresses with it.

What is an Eco-Friendly Office?

Our idea of a green office or eco-friendly office is one where work is done in the presence of nature, greenery, and fresh air. It implies a fresh, calm and cleaner office environment. It is where employees put in their best efforts to achieve the organization’s common goals by boosting their well-being, staying stress-free, and operating with improved productivity.

Why the Emphasis on an Eco-Friendly office?

Eco-friendly offices are no more just an idea of a green office, but many big organisations like Amazon, Google, DLF, etc. have given it the face of reality. Since we were children, our parents kept on telling us to wake up early in the morning, go and spend time in nature, walk, exercise, and whatnot. These things were told to us because they give our body and mind power and strength to fight diseases, tensions, and worries. Covid-19 taught us many lessons that we had forgotten a long time back that health is the first wealth to save us in times of adversity. That’s why every company, regardless of size, is enthusiastically working on having a green co-working space where employees feel connected with the greenery, have positive mindsets, and enhance productivity.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Offices:

The Happier and Healthier Office Staff

The shift from the traditional office setting with chairs, desks, and tables to a more non-polluting corporate office interior design is making the employees retain for a longer term. In green co-working spaces, to cheer up the personnel, they only have to look up from their laptop screen to the beautiful different coloured hanging pot plants and office pillars encircled with vines. It is an incredible sight to make anyone forget about their headaches, eye pain from prolonged usage of computer screens, and neverending day’s tasks. Academic studies have revealed that green spaces can reduce mental weariness, further boosting employee job performance, learning, contentment, curiosity, and attentiveness.

The Great Ambiance is Beautiful to Look at

Creative office space with state-of-the-art MEP systems attracts young talent and clients and reserves the old ones. Designing the office interiors in a manner that incorporates more green architectural components such as better lighting, filtration, and ventilation is beneficial in shooting up the employee’s cognitive ability. Moreover, environmentally friendly offices provide a soothing view of different coloured plants in the corridors and cubicles. Air filtering plants like Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Weeping Fig, etc., in the cafeterias, meeting halls, and on the employee’s desk is an excellent distraction from anxiety, distress, and uneasiness. Moreover, they are a great source of eliminating toxins and pollutants from the air, thereby increasing the oxygen levels in the surroundings.

Conserving Energy and Being Environmentally Responsible

Since plants naturally filter the air, having green spaces in the office has an immediate practical benefit. A significant amount of flora naturally influences an area’s air quality, temperature, humidity, and noise levels. Plants can decrease the temperature by up to 10 degrees, allowing businesses to save money on temperature control. These businesses start small and then discover that there is more that they can accomplish and finally. Thereafter, they enthusiastically take the road to sustainability. Companies are now looking for further measures to minimise their carbon footprint after investing in green infrastructure and energy-efficient technology, like

  • Waste minimization
  • Conservation of water
  • Cutting back on the usage of chemicals

Being in a natural setup gradually encourages more individuals to look for methods to become more sustainable, and the workplace is the best place to start with.

Being environmentally friendly is no longer a fad; it has become a lifestyle that the earth demands. Numerous corporations nowadays are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. The most well-known brands are Google, Tesla Motors, Honda, Brooks, etc. Regardless of its size and objectives, every business must make every effort to create environmentally friendly workplaces.

Greenery and perhaps even some flowers give the office a pop of colour. They make you feel fine on the inside, improve the office area’s design, and make it appear likable.

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