Returning to the Office? Here’s Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be a Top Priority

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With the world stepping out of the shadow of COVID-19, people have gradually started returning to Work From Office. After being stationed at home for so long, there’s no denying that it feels good to return to your workplace, work with your colleagues in person, and experience a sense of normalcy as far as work life is concerned. That being said, many of us are skeptical about indoor air quality within our workspaces and rightly so.

Be it the COVID effect, dust or debris in the HVAC (air-conditioning) setup or any ongoing renovation work – indoor air quality is an important consideration for all of us, now more than ever.  That’s because poor air quality can cause headaches, fever and cough.

So, How Can You Improve Office Air Quality?

Well, there are plenty of ways to improve air quality inside the office. Here’s what you can do: –

Air Circulation

Make sure the HVAC setup is properly serviced and there’s no air blockage whatsoever. In case there is, then notify the building’s facility management division and get it rectified at the earliest. Poor air circulation is the last thing you want in your premises with your workforce back in the office in full swing.

Dirt and Dust

When it comes to air purifiers, the filters inside them accumulate dust and debris with routine usage which severely impacts their efficacy. Therefore, make sure you replace the air filters in all such devices at recommended intervals. This routine maintenance is extremely important when it comes to ensuring indoor air quality standards in office buildings.

Humidity Level

It is essential to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the office to prevent moulds from forming inside the office. In this regard, you can use dehumidifiers in combination with air conditioners to increase or decrease the humidity levels inside the office.

Prevent Dampness

Another very important thing to do. Make sure you clean any kind of spill or leakage immediately to prevent mould in the office which, when overlooked, can cascade into an unnecessary maintenance expense. In comparison, it is much cheaper to clean any spill or leakage in real-time that can lead to the formation of mould inside the workspace – the key is to monitor it regularly.

Add More Plants

Plants can play a big role in improving the office indoor air quality. Not only do they look pleasant in appearance but they also improve the aesthetics of your office decor. Additionally, plants can significantly improve air quality. There are certain plants like English Ivy, Bamboo Palm and Chinese Evergreen that can do an amazing job in improving the quality of air inside the office premises while also elevating the overall vibe of the workspace.

Last But Not Least, Regular Cleaning

It goes without saying that the best way to improve air quality is by cleaning the office regularly. It prevents any dust from gathering inside the workspace which can further pollute the air and lead to several health-related issues. Set up an indoor air quality monitoring system which gives you the AQI reading so that the cleaning efforts can be optimised accordingly.

Bonus Tip

There is nothing better than fresh air inside the office. If you have windows inside, open them from time to time to allow fresh air to enter the office. It helps to get rid of the dampness and stale air inside the office significantly improving air quality. The amount of time you keep the windows open will depend on one BIG factor – whether your office is in a busy and bustling area or within a green vicinity.

Get in Touch With the Experts

If the quality of air is poor and might impact the employees’ health, then it is best to consult the experts. That way, you can get guidance on several techniques to improve the quality of air inside the office.

The way your office interiors are designed can set the tone for how clean and hygienic the workplace will be in the long run with timely maintenance. Always prioritise it.

At SKV India, we undertake commercial interior design services that are as functional and environmentally friendly as they are aesthetic. We offer a wide variety of interior and MEP services including interior finishes, woodwork and joinery and air conditioning.

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