Fire Hazards in Office: Make Sure Everybody Knows These Prevention Tricks

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Fire Hazards In Office

Fire Hazards no matter wherever to happen, always leaves a big, black impact. We may have to deal with such fire hazards occasionally at any place, office or home. It becomes everyone’s responsibility to do their bit, even in office. The workspaces are also loaded with things that can cause a fire. Hence, you and your employees must know few prevention tricks to save yourself from a big accident.

1. NO smoking, please!

You would have certainly a smoking area, but we know that everyone does not use it regularly (we don’t want to show our smoke love frequently). Make them aware that smoking in office is illegal. Even kids know that smoking is not only injurious to yourself but even to your surroundings! So, keep it outside the office premises.

2. The fire extinguisher puzzle:

Every day we see that red big thing called fire extinguisher in the workspace. But how many of us know how to use it? Make people learn about this biggest fire prevention equipment (even if they hate it). If everyone knows how to use it, they can quench small fire immediately. Keep fire extinguishers within reach and visible from any corner.

3. The maintenance check:

Learning how to use a fire extinguisher is not enough to make sure that you can fight fire hazards. They don’t have expiry dates, but that does not mean they work whole lifetime! Most of the fire extinguishers work for 10 to 15 years, depending on the manufacturers. Do you know how old is your device? It’s a part of prevention method to get all the fire extinguishers serviced annually. They need refills and repairing too.

4. Something is wrong with this extinguisher!

Okay, you learned how to use it and even got it replaced with the new one. But how to know whether there something’s wrong with it? Dennis Rubin, Atlanta Fire Chief has a useful tip: Check for the needle in pressure gauge. If the needle is in the green area, it’s functional. If you see any signs of missing handles, locking pins, or lose handle, get it replaced or repaired immediately.

5. Clean it up:

Do you know how many things can add up to fire in your workplace? Fax machine, printers, computers, are all heat producing machines. If possible keep them away from entrances. Keep them properly ventilated. Also, a clutter free office reduces the risk of spreading the fire. More waste means more ways for a fire to spread. So clean it up folks (even if it helps you to visualize)!

6. Where are the tricks?

Yes, we got what are potential threats but what about tricks? What if a fire breaks in office? First of all don’t scream! Immediately shut down computers, printer or any electrical device within your reach. If it’s already under fire, just run over it with a fire extinguisher.

7. The trick:

Use a fire extinguisher (assuming now you learned how to use one). If still not controllable, follow these steps immediately:

• Raise fire alarm, if yours is not automatic (something lit up in your mind?)
• Ask everyone to shut off the work and gather at assembly point immediately
• Evacuate the building using steps. Don’t use escalators.
• Conduct head counts, make sure everyone’s safe.
• Inform the emergency services if someone’s missing, don’t try to be a hero!

We hope these tips will help you to act wisely in a fire emergency, anytime. Stay safe!

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