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MEP or Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing Services may not sound interesting like interiors, but they’re the building blocks of your office. MEP drawings, HVAC Drawings, Revit, AutoCAD, Plumbing Design, does this ring a bell in your head? Well, these terms may sound obnoxious, but they’re important. Are you thinking of starting with MEP services in your office? Then these notes might help you:

1. What is MEP in simple words?

In simple words, the basic structural and functional aspects of your office building are laid by MEP services. From electrical supplies to lightings, IT installations, telecommunications, everything are covered under MEP services. You can say that a rough patch in MEP services can damage the work productivity of your office.

2. Why is correct MEP layout important for an office?

For smooth operation of any building, be it office or warehouse, optimum design and correct installation of MEP systems are crucial. Not only it affects your operating costs but also plays a key role in sustainable design incorporation too. And the major factor that is affected by MEP services is the safety of employees, gadgets, and the environment.
3. “M” in MEP Services:
It’s important to know that what services are included by your MEP service provider. Mechanical services must include services pertaining to air conditioning, heat and ventilation systems, water and sewage treatment installations, noise and smoke control. Even staircase pressurization is included in Mechanical services.

4. “E” in MEP Services:

Electrical services may vary depending upon the region and requirements. But basic will include main power distribution, small power electrical supplies, fire alarms, and security systems. IT installation and telecommunication systems are part of Engineering service. Apart from these lightings, escalator systems and energy management may also be included.

5. “P” in MEP Services:

The plumbing may seem insignificant, but it plays a very critical role in health and safety maintenance. It’s like a link between the office and employee using that space. Hence, all the important services like sanitary appliances and drinking water supply fall under Plumbing. Incoming water supply and vent systems also come under Plumbing.

6. Why choose a best MEP Service provider? Does it make a difference?

Just like your interiors are necessary to make your office look your impression, even MEP services are important to keep that look durable. No client or employee would be happy to use a leaking bathroom or broken ventilation system. Not only the best MEP service will help you to save money that you spend every year on huge repairs, but will also provide you tailored solutions. Minimization of safety hazards and installing the modern functionality are also characteristics of the best MEP service provider.

We hope that these few tips will help you to decide what is MEP services. So make sure you dig everything about this not-so-important sounding term, to save your money, time and enhancing work productivity.

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