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According to a research conducted in 2006, there was a reduction of 10% in the employee performance when the indoor temperatures were at 30 degree celsius and 15 degree celsius as compared to the temperatures at 21 degree celsius and 23 degree celsius. The study is available with REHVA – the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition Associations. If something as trivial as the thermal comfort can dramatically affect the performance, imagine what unhealthy work environments can do to your workforce?

Smart Offices, Smarter Employees

Employees typically spend major part of their day at work, however, they seldom realise the effect of their work environment on their health. That’s where good office designs come for the rescue. Great offices boost the health of employees, making them more productive.

Small Changes, Big Difference

The thought of employees’ well-being makes most employers turn to healthy snacks in the office kitchen as well as additional medical benefits. While all these factors do add to the bigger picture, nothing impacts the health of employees like well-planned offices. Small design changes can make a big difference in the work environments.

Bringing Nature inside the Offices

Natural light is said to improve health and productivity of employees. It also makes people feel active and focussed. The refreshing views of the natural vegetation in the workplaces or through the window help employees stay alert. Another great idea is to opt for lights that resemble sunlight in case one cannot have the natural light and filling up the workplace with beautiful plants.

Hello, Ergonomically-Compliant Offices

As per the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, working in poorly-constructed offices might lead to musculoskeletal injuries. Now, you wouldn’t want your employees to get injured, would you? Ergonomically-compliant offices are the way to go. The right furniture and carefully-planned work stations can make workers comfortable at work.

Let’s Get Moving

We all know how sedentary lifestyles are ruining our health. Introducing physical-activity friendly aspects can get the employees moving. Central staircase, standing desks, strategic positioning of the kitchen areas and recycling bins or printing machines can add that much-needed activity to the work schedules.

People Need a Little Privacy

Open-plan offices enhance team work and social behavior among employees but they can also be highly distracting. The sound of the machines and conversations of co-workers can make it hard for the professionals to concentrate, making work stressful. Screening dividers are a cost-effective option to create personal spaces for employees.

Subtle changes in the work environments can promote employee engagement and health. Design improvements will send the message to the employees that their health is important to the management which will lead to increased productivity and greater retention.

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