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Office Cabin Interior
You know that everyone around you is supporting “Go Green” mantra. And it has nothing do with the color. You may have researched a lot on how to make your office eco-friendly. Some say use less printer, but what if your company is the one who earns money by printing only? Some would say use natural lighting, but your employees may get frustrated due to heat coming directly on them
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Best Office Interior Design
Okay, you know that all your important meetings are done behind those closed doors. But that does not mean other areas of your office are ignored by your clients. We always love “first impression” game, don’t we? Then, why not transform your first impression aka Office Entryway (or you can say reception) into a ‘magnificent first look’ of your company? Yes, office entryways can make a huge impact on your
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Modern Small Office Interior Design
Conference rooms are important in any workspace. All the major decisions are made in that small, big, vertical, cubic room. It can make your clients and staff feels energetic and positive or makes them feel bored, like usual. But the modern office is changing and so is the attitude we take into the conference room. Those rooms are now no more board meeting rooms where we don’t like to sit.
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Fire Hazards In Office
Fire Hazards no matter wherever to happen, always leaves a big, black impact. We may have to deal with such fire hazards occasionally at any place, office or home. It becomes everyone’s responsibility to do their bit, even in office. The workspaces are also loaded with things that can cause a fire. Hence, you and your employees must know few prevention tricks to save yourself from a big accident. 1.
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Office Relocation Services
Whether it’s merging office with another division or simply relocating it another space, changing or moving your workspace can really bring effective changes. The changes that come can be good, bad or mix of both. Relocating can give you an opportunity to start fresh. But to ensure that you handle office relocation smoothly, don’t forget to prepare this checklist before making this big decision: 1. The location: How will you
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