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Okay, you know that all your important meetings are done behind those closed doors. But that does not mean other areas of your office are ignored by your clients. We always love “first impression” game, don’t we? Then, why not transform your first impression aka Office Entryway (or you can say reception) into a ‘magnificent first look’ of your company? Yes, office entryways can make a huge impact on your visitors and clients. The whole persona of your office is quickly judged on the office entryway! So, check out few tips that can help you turn your boring entryway into an attractive place that can excite your visitors:

1. The color puzzle:

First thing comes first. Your entryway does not need to necessarily meet the color of the rest of the office. The whole idea is to highlight it. So, the best way to keep it one of the key areas is to add the personal touch of your company. Let the colors in the entryway reflect the attitude of “what’s inside”.

2. Where’s seat?

You know your visitors are going to wait to there, so why make them feel discouraged? Lots of people are going to come and wait in the reception. So make sure that if your reception area is full, there is some place in the entryway to accommodate your guests.

3. Something to admire:

Your office entryway is a great way to show off your work. Be it a small collection of your portfolios or just a Christmas gift that your employees received last year.  You can combine these with a customized art piece or something from the local artist, to make it look chic and sole.

4. Cool lightings:

Yes, lightings make a colossal bang on the entryway. Don’t follow the dimly lit rule. It’s not a cave, it’s an office entryway! So, have ample lightings. You don’t need to invest entryway with huge lights, only a little tips, and tricks, and help from professionals can make it look stunning. So let your visitors make a wild guess, what’s inside!

5. The “empty” space:

It’s not mandatory to keep your entryway empty. But this also does not mean that you stuff it with ‘other stuff’. Entryway receives large amount traffic daily, so let there be ample space to move around easily. But if you still need to keep certain embellishments in the entryway, then keep it minimal. You don’t need your visitors to get off the track in finding the way to the reception, do you?

6. Add a hint:

Your entryway can be so much more than you thought. Like said before, drop a few hints of what’s inside. Don’t overcrowd it with the office logo. Just add a few touch of what your company is and was. This way a visitor can instantly connect with the company (instead of keep guessing).

7. Smooth and shiny:

Nobody likes to step into the garbage or dirty space. So make sure your office entryway is spotless, shiny and clean. Keep the floor clutter-free and neat. By cleaning, it does not mean you don’t pay attention the ‘scent’ of the space. Add a smell that enhances your brand. This will make visitors feel and think affirmative.

 8. Use nature:

There’s nothing more appealing than a tiny plant or a bunch of flowers. Incorporating plants into the office entryway make the space cool, colorful and fresh. You don’t need to place pots here and there. Even a single plant can do the trick.

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