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Colours are one of the most crucial aspects of interior design because they have a profound influence on the space and the people who will be using it. There is a great importance of colours in interior design as they say ‘colours can make or break a space’.

And, this is the reason why interior designers pay a lot of attention to choosing the colours while designing an office space. Given the strong impact colours have on the space and people using it, nowadays, having a vibrant workspace has become the norm for all businesses.

Impact of Colours

An average office-going person spends approximately 8 hours a day in the office, which is more than 70 per cent of their waking hours. This is why it becomes all the more important that your employees spend these hours in an environment that has been designed with appropriate colours to lift their mood and maximize productivity.

The natural human instinct is to get attracted to vibrant and energetic colours. Imagine being in an office space with a bland interior design and how would it impact your mood and productivity. Even the thought of spending this much time in such a space seems exhausting, right?

Basics of Colours

Whether you have hired an office interior designer or are planning to do this on your own, it is always a good idea to have a basic understanding of colours, their tones and the impact of each colour tone on the space it is being used in.

Broadly, colours are divided into two categories which are warm and cool tones, and each one of them has its own impact. Colours like red, orange, and yellow fall into the warm category and add new energy to the overall vibe of a space. On the other hand, colours like blue, green and purple are cool tones and can be used to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Always keep the purpose of a space in mind while selecting colour combinations for your office, whether it is for walls or flooring. This will help you to create a more inviting and productive office space. For example, you can use warm colours for the work area and cool colours can be a good option for cafeteria or break areas where people can relax and refresh their minds.

How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Office?

Each colour creates a different impact on the overall vibe of a space. It is best to choose different colours for different areas of your office, depending on the purpose that a specific area serves.

Yellow & Orange

These two colours represent teamwork & creativity and stimulate mental activity. When used in an office space, they can add a positive vibe and energy to make people motivated.


This fierce colour is known to invoke warmth and is mostly used in spaces where lots of physical activity is required. It is also used in office spaces to keep the energy levels high for people working night shifts. Red is best used for furnishings or as a feature colour as it does a great job of highlighting certain spaces you wish to stand out.

However, excessive amounts of red can also have a negative impact. It can cause headaches or a higher respiration rate in a few people, so it is best to use this colour in moderation while designing an office space.


Blue is one of those colours which have a soothing and calming effect. When used in workspaces, this colour evokes relaxation and tranquility while adding a refreshing touch to the entire place.


Purple is a colour which is often used to add a luxurious feel to a space. This is one of the reasons why it is not among the colours commonly used in office interior design.  And the best thing about purple is that it contrasts well with a variety of other colours which makes it very versatile and easy to implement.

Due to the perceived calming and luxurious undertones, this colour is very commonly used in the wellness and spa industry.


Green is a colour which is all about positivity, freshness and creativity. When used in designing a workspace, this colour can give an instant boost to the overall appearance of the place. It is also known to maximize the productivity of people working in that space as it can significantly reduce anxiety and stress while lifting the mood.

A dash of the right shade of green will create a positive and productive environment as this colour represents nature. And as the Biophilia theory suggests that human beings usually have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

Colours have the power to influence the emotions of human beings, in both positive and negative ways. To maximize the productivity of people working in an office, it is important to use an appropriate colour scheme while designing the space. It is a surefire way to provide the employees with a positive and productive working environment.

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