The Problem with Open­-Concept Offices

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Looks like some of the major organizations has open­-concept offices. So, is it a good idea to bid “goodbye” to cubicles and say “hello” to long, shared tables? Not so soon!

Open offices were started on a high note and were supposed to be inspiring environments where creativity would effortlessly flow. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the complete story. With advantages, open workspaces pose a few disadvantages.

Open Offices Might Hamper the Productivity

Open-­concept workplaces might work for customer care, telemarketing or other desk­-bound jobs. However, open workplaces are extremely distracting for teams involved in different processes. How can engineers deliver quality results sitting right next to sales professionals who want to seal the deals? Lack of privacy can also mar the creativity of employees, greatly reducing their productivity. The constant yelling, shuffling, chatting and laughing can make it difficult to concentrate at work.

Open Offices do not Include Introverts

Workforce comprises of all kinds of people. Open workspaces do not cater to introverts who are more comfortable in their private spaces. Such working environments might curb the enthusiasm of quiet-­lovers who find it difficult to adjust in non-­private conditions.

Open Offices do not Suit Everyone

The lighting, heating and cooling might not suit all the employees as each individual has different preferences. They cannot monitor heating, cooling and lighting as per their comfort levels. People who have more control over their environments are believed to be more productive.

Open Offices are Noisier

Open workspaces tend to get noisier than the closed offices as the conversations between employees can be overheard. They are also more chaotic where one can see many people doing things at the same time.

Open Offices are Unhealthy

Sick people in open offices can prove catastrophic to the entire workforce. There are more chances of more people contracting infections as they work in close proximity, breathing the same air. A harmless sneeze can impact the entire team as it is hard to contain germs in confined places.

Open Offices Deprive Personal Spaces

In open-­concept offices, employees do not have a place they can call their own. There is a lack of ownership spirit among the workforce. Employees don’t have individual spaces when they sit together at long tables.

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