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The relationship between the office environment and productivity is not new now. There have been many types of research conducted on this one and you can't deny the fact that the office looks heavily impact the employees. And what we mean here by office look is including the colors, sounds, walls, papers, temperature, lightings and everything that is in and around your office! Can these things make a difference? Let’s check out:

1. Lightings:

Now when we say lightings, we obviously don’t mean to use those colorful and gaudy lights in the offices. Natural as well as artificial, both are equally important in the office. A research conducted in prison where the prisoners were kept devoid of any light or sound, made a very bad effect on them. Is your office a prison? If not, then have an adequate amount of lights in the office.

2. Sound:

Some find a quiet atmosphere soothing and stress-free while some can only work out their best in noisy backgrounds! But a little creativity and idea can help you create both areas. Keeping a separate area just like a library where no noise is allowed can help employees to work quietly.

3. Furniture:

Do you know that according to World Health Organization, "inactivity" is the fourth biggest killer of adults! It turns out that sitting at a desk all day can be more dangerous than it looks. So having a spacious, clutter-free and cozy furniture helps to remain stress-free, especially to male employees as they’re highly affected by office furniture! Nothing can be more distracting than an uncomfortable chair, isn’t it?

4. Temperature:

If the temperature is not right or suitable according to the geographical location, then employees easily get distracted. Of course, everybody has different body temperature, but try to keep a neutral temperature that works for everyone. In fact, female employees are affected more due to temperature than males.

5. Desks or Workplace:

Nobody likes to get chained to their desks. Keeping people moving, helps them to remain happy and motivates them to get out of their chairs. Remember how inactivity can kill you? So it does not matter, whether they bump into each other for gossip or just share files, let them have space to move!

6. Outer View:

Okay, everyone can’t have the cool offices like Google Headquarters that has mountain views. But that does not mean you can’t convert your office into a cozy place. We all know that employees spend most of their time in offices now and it’s more than home to them. So least you can do is make the office a bit cozy and cool place!

7. Colors:

Yes, the colors are crucial and gone were the days when offices were covered in boring whites or darker shades only. Today, modern offices are bright and vibrant. The bottom line is colors can help your employees get rid of sloppiness and help them remain stress-free, happy and active.

8. Economy:

Many of you might say that “Everything sounds great, but I have to run this office too!”. The economy has tightened the purse strings of many corporate offices, but bringing even small changes in the office look can make them feel positive about jobs and the company.

It’s time to convert your office prisons into office that inspires! And this can happen when office look is changed. Workplaces are changing and with the new office, comes new types of employees too. So, it’s on you which types you want!

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