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Working from home became the norm when the world weathered the COVID storm. While it had many benefits to offer, it also led to easy misunderstandings, decreased interactions, distractions while working, and lack of communication, among others. It was unsaid yet evident that complete work-from-home is not the solution. There was also a clear realisation
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With the world stepping out of the shadow of COVID-19, people have gradually started returning to Work From Office. After being stationed at home for so long, there’s no denying that it feels good to return to your workplace, work with your colleagues in person, and experience a sense of normalcy as far as work
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As we have already seen, technology greatly increases the possibility of flexible work settings; It has also encouraged having a 24*7 working culture. With the blend of the three – internet, technology, and COVID -19, the world has become a small village where the barriers of space, location, and time have been broken. People with
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There are several things that can impact the productivity of people working in an office, the lighting of the space being an important one among them. When it comes to the overall design of a workspace, this is an aspect that often gets overlooked. The reality is that with an appropriate lighting design, you are
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