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From Google to General Motors, everybody is now shifting to the modern office concepts where they have proved that unconventional office environments are necessary to attract the young talents! Modern offices have changed a lot and so is the work culture. Offices are “more than home” home to employees now. Apart from Google and Facebook, which modern offices are cool? What is it that makes them so cool? Let’s check out some of the coolest offices that you wish you had:

1. Warners Music, London:

Warners Music is more subtle to its iconic branding when it comes to office. Its new headquarters has an electrifying ‘rock n roll’ ambiance right from the floors to the chairs. The atrium area serves as a bar and can be easily moved to make space for events like concerts or cocktail parties!

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2. Groupon, Chicago:

From fancy frosted glass logos to the colorful kitchen, Groupon has everything that not only looks cool but feels cool too! Stone age inspired workplaces to vibrant breakout spaces for games, chats, and hang-outs, green reception area to gray meeting rooms, Groupon has every shade in its office!

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3. Red Ventures, Charlotte:

The first thing you would ask on seeing this unique office is “Is it a resort?” No, it’s not! Red Ventures has a state-of-the-art building which hardly looks like offices! There’s basketball court, fitness center, café, putting green, glassed walls and outdoor balcony with fire bits! What else you need in the office!

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4. Harry’s, NYC:

This startup men’s razor retailer has converted its office into a flexible architect space with autonomous desks, standing desks, herringbone wood floors and gorgeous chairs that are of different colors. Conference rooms are named after the colors of the company’s razor handles!

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5. SoundCloud, Berlin:

SoundCloud has taken the “simplicity” to the next level. Exposed ceilings and conference rooms named after neighborhoods like London, Berlin, San Fransisco, are the spaces where employees can meet, make calls or eat. An indoor garden, café, fireplace and small cushioned nap-pods are kept in the office to help employees free their minds anytime!

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6. iHeartMedia, NYC:

Light studded entrance corridor of this super-stylish office is enough to make you dazzling. Private meeting pods or conference rooms are of bright neon colors in red, blue and orange with no mirrors, dropped ceilings or marble! The exposed ceilings and cozy office overlook the Berlin Wall Memorial.

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7. Kickstarter, Brooklyn:

Kickstarter has constructed its office in the former pencil factory and reused or recycled materials to give it a rustic and natural look. Open air courtyard in all glass and light is the center of attraction where employees even have some private small offices, decorated with antiques! And they even have a private theater just to watch film screenings.

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8. Airbnb, San Francisco:

The employees of Airbnb don’t have to sneak out for visiting different places like Mumbai, Shanghai or Johannesburg. Airbnb has themed conference rooms and café corners to make the office as inspiring as their own homes!

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9. Starbucks, Seattle:

The Starbucks Center in Seattle is also called as SoDo Center. Working in Starbucks corporate office has its own privileges like a homey, full-service cafeteria! Employees dressed in jeans and T-shirts can even feel their tummies in SODO kitchen, a restaurant open to the public too!

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10. Pixar, California:

Working in the Pixar Animation Studio can look like working inside a fairy tale! This enormous 22 acre is full of creativity in its every corner. The heart of the building aka “Steve Jobs Building” is where employees work, play and eat. It is certainly one of those offices where everybody can take ownership of their space, but Pixar only pays for the office materials and not the ones employees use to decorate their workspace! And these employees have used everything they can right from toys to Tiki!

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