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It’s impossible for humans to stay away from technology today. Technology touches everywhere! And so likely are the workplaces. Modern workplaces have now emerged from those small cubicles to a lively, and user-friendly space. If you want to keep the thumbs up with your employees and attracts new talents to your company, make sure your office is updated with the latest technology. How? Let’s check out:

1. Use Cloud:

Gone are the days when you had to carry large files to your meeting rooms. Today, the world has become smarter and even your employees want to keep all information at their fingertips. So the easy way to  keep your work files movable and save money is by sharing them on Cloud.

2. The BYOD Mantra:

People are loving this mantra and many companies have already implemented it. BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is the new policy that allows employees to carry their own device in the office under acceptable use and security policies. This not only saves companies from purchase cost but even gives flexibility and freedom in the workplace to employees.

3. Have enough ‘juice’:

If you have the latest technology, then it is also important to have a good Wi-Fi coverage or strong broadband. Frozen screen, stuck servers and slow internet can make employees less productive.

4. Have lots of charging stations:

Remember when your laptop went dead in the meeting room and you didn’t have a charging station in the room? Add charging stations in your workspace at every point, so that your employees don’t have to run to their desks every time for charging.

5. Update your HR Processes:

Even if you bring technology to your workplace and not in HR processes, it will not speed up your work. Update your HR processes or applications with new software to make work quick and easy.

6. Use Chats:

Work relationships are very important and all the employees need to communicate with each other on the regular basis. Encourage use of real-time communication apps or tools we use in day-to-day life for better and speedy communication during work hours.

7. Free Wi-Fi:

Giving free Wi-Fi access to your potential clients and customers during office visits can help you make happy relationships. It will also help your employees to move easily in the workplace without sticking to their desks.

8. Keep it Simple:

Incorporating technology into workplace does not mean you fill up the office with giant machines or complicated software. So, make sure you keep things simple and fresh.

9. Smart furniture:

Update your furniture too. There are energy-saving furniture that save electricity like lights turn off automatically when there’s no one in the workplace. If you can’t install these, the least you can do is use energy saving gadgets that can save you money.

Remember that technology is to improve your workplace. You don’t have to depend on technology for work performance, but you need to keep up with the fast-paced business world. Technology is ubiquitous and ever changing. Hence, keep things simple, functional and updated.

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