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There is an interesting and witty observation that goes something like this – God made everything that has life, the rest of the things were made in China. Enough said!

From pins and toys to gadgets and household goods, most things that are used in the US are made in China. This once communist/socialist country has transformed into the “workshop of the world” and a force to reckon with. While the rapid industrialization has made China the second largest economy in the world, it has caused great labour exploitation and environmental destruction. This transformation story of China carries strong lessons to be learnt to make the “Make in India” dream a success without the collateral damages.

PM Narendra Modi’s ambitious “Make in India” program was launched in September 2014. This initiative is to boost the manufacturing sector in India by attracting the world to “Come, (and) manufacture in India.” Thanks to the bureaucratic rigmarole and complicated rules, India stands at 134 out of 189 countries in the list of ease of doing business index. All this is going to change, and for the better!

Changing the World’s Perception of India

  • Call centers to India? Sure.
  • Data entry to India? Of course.
  • Accounting to India? Positive.
  • Software development to India? No doubt about that.
  • Manufacturing to India? No way!

US and Europe gladly outsource most jobs to India, but when it comes to manufacturing they have their own reservations. From lack of skilled workforce and elaborate permit processes to unstable power supply and poor transportation, countries had plenty of reasons not to partner with India for manufacturing.

The Modi government is ready to offer fertile grounds to foreign and domestic companies for investing in the manufacturing sector. Positive changes are promised to the investors in areas such as power, labor, land and permits. “Make in India” also looks forward to invest in developing the infrastructure to make the concept more lucrative for small and big businesses. Needless to say, the initiative will give the economy a big push and create more jobs.

Welcome, Guys!

Make in India is an invite to the established domestic businesses, international industries and budding entrepreneurs to invest in India by manufacturing things locally. PM Modi’s pet project to make India a manufacturing powerhouse has already received investment pledges worth $222 billion. Now, that looks promising!

As the businesses shift their workshops to India, they won’t just need smart infrastructure and simplified policies but also comfortable working environments for their employees. Well-planned office designs will inspire workers to give their best to realise Mr. Modi’s dream of “zero defect, zero effect” – manufacture products that will be without any defects or impact on the environment.

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