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What would happen if a quiet-lover is asked to work in a noisy place or an extrovert is forced into an isolated area of an office? Do you think they would be productive or happy in such working conditions? Your guess is as good as ours!

Workforce includes people with different personalities and temperaments, from chatty types to silent ones. To allow employees to be themselves and bring out their true potential, one needs to provide them with a workplace that supports their individualities. Long story short, employees should be at the heart of designing offices. After all, they are the most valuable resources of businesses.

So, what exactly do the new age employees want in their offices? Is it comfort or the fun element? Do they desire open spaces or long for solitude? We would say, a little of everything!

They Want Open Spaces + Private Areas

Collaboration has given way to open-concept offices where co-workers sit close to each other. Though this might encourage collaboration, it also creates a lot of distractions. One cannot engage in meaningful conversations or think in solitude with so much of activity in the background. Therefore, open spaces should incorporate private areas. While extroverts may prefer more interaction with their fellow workers, introverts might find solace in their private cocoons.

They Want Comfort! Comfort! Comfort!

It’s not rocket science to understand that every employee wants to feel comfortable in the office. Simple ergonomic steps will go a long way to ensure that workers are happy and relaxed at their workstations. Office furniture such as chairs, footrests and tables can greatly enhance the productivity of the workforce, improving the bottom line of businesses.

They Want Elements of Interest

Neutral colours and no-frills-everything-functional decor make offices boring. It is essential to add a little bit of eye-popping elements to the interiors to inspire employees. Splash of colours, vibrant greenery, large windows with lots of sunlight are some of the factors that can invoke interests among employees.

They Want Fun

Why do bigwigs like Google, Apple and Facebook invest so much on unique office designs? They understand that to attract and retain the top talent they need more than just chairs and desks. They need offices with personality and fun factor. Lively and stimulating break rooms provide employees with much-needed mental and physical break from work.

Designing or renovating offices to suit the needs of the employees is the best investment businesses can make. This will help them keep their workforce in high spirits.

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