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Well, let’s be honest. The word office doesn’t present a pretty picture. Who wants to be indoors in a cubicle farm under artificial lights for more than 8 hours a day? It can get stagnant, uninspiring and downright boring! Such dull working environments can surely dampen the spirits of employees, greatly affecting their productivity.

Work-related stress also takes its toll on employees as work-life balance has got disturbed. Office has become almost like a second home (in some cases, even first home) to most people. This has driven companies to make their workplaces as employee-friendly as possible. From gyms to laundries, modern-day offices are changing!

Love The Desks Not Be Chained to Them

Offices shouldn’t look like prisons where employees are chained for 8 hours. Instead, great offices inspire employees to be creative and are more like playgrounds where people can have fun. Employee well-being is at the center of new-age workplaces. Responsible businesses are putting employees first, taking care of their challenges and needs. This approach ensures businesses will have a happy, healthy workforce that loves their job.

Buildings Shape Us

As Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Every word of it is true!

One’s surroundings greatly impact one’s moods and mental health. Would you like to work in a bright, clutter-free office or a gloomy, disorganized workplace?  Chances are you will select the first option. Enough said!

Creating engaging environments that support collaboration and promote health should be the aim of businesses. Such workplaces will have profound impact on the productivity of the workforce.

Great Offices Need Not Burn Your Wallet

When one hears about “great offices”, one might argue that all that frills might not help businesses balance their books. However, happy employees are essential to sustainable businesses. Less sick absenteeism, higher productivity and more talent retention add to the bottom line of businesses.

Small changes such as more natural light, good facilities and comfortable temperature speak volumes about organizations. These trivial additions reflect how companies value their employees. In return, employees feel happy about their workplaces and are willing to give their 100%. That’s a win-win situation!

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