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Grant Thornton

Location: New Delhi

Area: 10,500 Sqft

Service: Design and Build

Corporate Office

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Bharat, being one the largest fully integrated Assurance, Tax, and Advisory firms has a presence in 15 locations. It is one of the world’s leading organizations spread across over 135 countries making a difference by providing robust advisory and growth solutions to Indian global companies.

SKV is proud to be associated with such a global leader in furthering its mission in India by creating a workplace that resonates with its key mission and facilitates key drivers for excellence. For every one that enters the premises will get a feel for GT’s desired aesthetic and brand personality. The design is brought to life with interesting use of brand colors across the furniture and finishes; the purple tones are perfectly complemented by a muted grey and hues of orange, and illuminated signage reinforces the brand’s presence.

Employee wellbeing is prioritized in the design and build with break-out spaces to enhance innovation and productivity. The space evokes a cozy and inviting feel for employees and clients made possible with the use of natural and hi-end materials like wood, top of the line lighting solutions, etc. The finesse and design aesthetic combined with flawless execution gives this office unparalleled appeal.

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