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Sterlite Technologies Limited

Location: Gurgaon

Area: 40,000 Sqft

Service Type: Design & Build

Corporate Office

Sterlite Technologies Limited

The Indian technology firm STL- Sterlite Technologies is a leading integrator of digital networks that has pioneered providing all-in 5G solutions. Being a homegrown company, we were very excited to partner with another homegrown company like STL.
It was our endeavor to create an uncomplicated design solution to unlock the full potential of the office space. Minimalistic, functional, and agile the workspace provides for easy movement and a high degree of productivity. Recreational corners like a pool table to help build a nurturing and balanced sense of work and wellness.
Our team worked hard to incorporate the brand colors into the designs to create a unique sense of brand identity. It was our sincere effort to personify the workspace to such an extent where anyone that who entered the premises would understand the core competence and mission of STL simply by looking at the design.
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