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Vedanta Aluminium (BALCO)

Location: New Delhi

Area: 25,000 Sqft

Service: Design & Build

Corporate Office

Vedanta Aluminium (BALCO)

SKV partnered with Vedanta Limited – Aluminium Business (BALCO) to design and build a one of kind futuristic, modern, and technology-driven workplace. Situated in the heart of Delhi, this office sets the standard when we talk about the future of workplaces.
Our teams worked extensively to bring the brand’s vision to life – an intelligent, smart office backed by superior technology to provide a complete hands-on customized experience with the use of tactile materials and agile designs. Flexibility is a key driver, this space was designed to provide a sustainable solution that optimized time, energy, and resources.
The space completely metamorphoses depending upon requirements at the time. Based on the study of Ergonomics, the office spreads across 3 floors and 30000 sq. ft. An embodiment of a holistic vision centered around employee wellbeing with recreational corners like a nap room and a meditation room, the new Vedanta office is built to optimize the human experience.
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