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Nestled in the heart of Aerocity, New Delhi, DCM is integrated into three separate working spaces, two of which are located in separate blocks. he primary office space, named as WorldMark 1 is a 14500 Square feet leisure-workspace, aimed to accommodate workers looking for a well-designed, in style workplace that could offer a bespoke experience. When working on the project of DCM office space, we entrusted ourselves with the task to capture the brand’s aspiration and enhance the human experience. The idea was to create a contemporary creative space with a minimum of distracting elements, encapsulating the new design thinking of humanizing technology and innovation. The eclecticism was devoured by delivering a well-catered space to foster employee engagement.

Integrated with the firm principles of workspace design and Vastu, the idea was to keep the space well lightened. We aimed to create a Vastu-friendly workspace, keeping in mind various energy fields emanating from different directions. Dissected into two different zones, one is dedicated to management and services, while the other one accommodates meeting rooms and archetypal workstations. In addition to two open space zones, a reception zone, a meeting room, and a coffee-point have been arranged along with a leisure area, and an open meeting room for the staff equipped with essentials necessary for any occasion. A sumptuous lounge has been created in addition to a furnished meeting room. To address a massive gathering, a grand conference room has been designed that can cater to the office needs accordingly.

Designed to integrate prodigality while being pragmatic, this space turned out to be an ideal concoction of modernity and traditional aspects. Archetypal workstations were designed along with the office spaces that are separated via glass partitions with aluminum frames that keep the space intact yet detached.

SKV, being the leading sustainable urban and business space solutions provider, was engaged enormously to help them design a new flexible workplace facility where the touch of exquisite exclusivity stood out as the differentiating factor with the welcoming warmth that is desired of working space. The challenge while designing DCM was to reuse the existing furniture while amalgamating it with the voguish and chic furniture pieces designed by SKV.

The furniture throughout the office was kept intact. The dark rich leather and cherry blond hue accentuate the overtone of antiqueness of the building and form a contrast to plain walls of the office accessorized with the serenity of indoor greens.

Yellow and brown are the basic interior colors that keep the vision unified all over the working space. SKV made sure that the workplace has adequate and efficient lighting in every room. The conference room is equipped with a central oval table with comfortable and swiveling occupying space at the periphery.

To create a more dynamic and functional environment, the majority of the space remains orderly, and each area can be easily re-configured for different types of conversations, meetings, and events. The overall design and space planning of this working environment is what makes this space unique, offering multiple types of work settings in one area.

We believe in making the world of work, working better for people. The team provided world-class amenities and full-scope services to support their members in growing their business. SKV has integrated spaces to foster a culture of innovation through the creation, sharing, and implementation of ideas to deliver opportunities for individuals. DCM is equipped with intuitive and adaptive spaces that optimize employee performance and to elevate overall productivity. The superlative intense vibe of the workspace elicits the urge to take a walk around and captivate the spirit of the place. Surrounded by calm and composed colored walls accessorized with illuminating and incandescent lights accentuated with the jewel-toned indoor plants, DCM is an exuberant illustration of exemplary and contemporary workspace design.

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