Workspace Aesthetics: The Future Of Happy Workplace , A case study on successful execution for the new workspace for Saif Partners

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Set up in true grandeur of luxury and ethos, this workplace is a masterpiece in versatility. The office of Saif Partners, located in the vicinity of Gurugram, is designed by Alka Vernekar, Meraki Studio & executed by SKV (Studiokon Ventures Pvt. Ltd.). The workspace is dominated by natural sunlight entering into the glass facade that runs around throughout the building. Located on the 15th floor, the facade acts as an element that enhances the views and vistas.

Space has been planned into three zones that divide the floor into public, private, and service areas. The cabins are designed following the form of the building distant to the glass facade to keep away the heat and bring in some sufficient light to accentuate the natural tones and textures of the walls and the furniture. Neutral hues of brown, black, white, and greys join the office premises visually, keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

Creating a workplace that is dynamic, energetic, and inviting was achieved through careful and functional planning of assembling open workspaces and the cabin structures to flow along the spine of the space. Staying at the cutting edge of the latest market trends, SKV introduced furniture that incorporates all kinds of working culture. The casual seating spaces are designed to create a relaxed and serene environment, whereas the board rooms redefine the standard of sophistication and exclusivity.

Tables are arranged independently that reflect both professionalism and provide their workforce with comfortable, collaborative workspaces. The stylish and elegant seatings near the glass facade set the tone of the space in a true laidback style where one can take a break and enjoy the outdoors in the vicinity.

The sophisticated yet voguish vibe of the workplace is accentuated by a dash of greens under the roof. The added indoor plants break the monotony of a neutral color palette and accent the skylight with a fusion of essential integration.

The service zone is kept out of sight for obvious reasons and is equipped with the pantry, dining, the store/compactor space, UPS, and server. The dry and wet pantry area has been designed to foreground the needs of the staff members along with the dining hall that is set in the direction to get a maximum view of the golf course. A niche of privacy to escape the open environment, a Lounging Meeting space is provided near this zone for internal team discussions and meetings.

With workplace expertise and access to design-led furnishings, SKV delivered a diverse, open-plan workspace where staff members could interact and collaborate in the working environment.


SAIF Partners nestled in the vicinity of Gurugram takes a notch higher in terms of diverse, interactive, collaborative, and agile workspaces. Designed by Alka Vernekar, Meraki Studio & executed by SKV (Studiokon Ventures Pvt. Ltd.), the space is integrated with sleek and designer furniture that accentuates the overall context of the workplace. Set up in the neutral tones of brown, black, grey, and white, the monotony takes a pause when meets with the hues of green plants settled within the premises. The amalgamation of informal seating spaces and formal working spaces could not have been better than the contemporary workplace determined by the Ethos and Eidos.

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