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The evolution of technology has brought monumental changes in office designs. Here at SKV, we understand that technology is fundamental to all the aspects of business and have pro-actively incorporated technological advancements to our operations. By doing so, we have successfully speeded up all the activities to deliver projects right on schedule. Whether to streamline
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interior office design solutions
Imagine sliding down from one floor of your office building right to the next one. Or, connecting with your co-workers at the bowling alley at your workspace. Or, how about entering your place of work that resembles the New York subway? It’s hard to imagine, right? Well, the modern workspaces have surely got the much-needed
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office design company
How many of us actually stick to cleanliness in office policy? We certainly talk a lot about it, but we don’t like to throw out over-flowing trash bin with our own hands. Should it be named hypocrisy or laziness? Maintaining clean and clutter-free office environment is never easy, it takes efforts and time, just like
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Office Desk Image
If you have recently spent money on office furniture, you probably know how expensive office furniture can get. From cheap price tags to luxury brands, office furniture is no more just-another-furniture. Chairs may steal the spotlight when it comes to expensive office furniture, but even office desks are the show-stopper. Whether it’s Google Desk or
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mep services
With our eyes stuck on computer screens and legs on the seats, it becomes tough to keep the “healthy” motto in our to-do-list. Apart from an increase in productivity, a healthy work environment means happier employees, fewer absences, and importantly, employees stick to your company. It’s hard to take out time from your busy day,
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Modern Office Design
After ‘Slate’ highlighted the many advantages of “Hot Desking” following the Bloomberg story, this new concept is trending all over the world. So what is this all “Hot Desking” about? Can you incorporate this one in your own cubicle? Hot Desking is the smart way to efficiently manage the small space among out-numbered employees. You
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Office Room Interior
Many of us are cognizant that the air conditioning in the office is already giving you chills while few just don’t sense the divergence! And those few are men. Yes, women and men have constantly this Office Arctic Zone battle and men would say “they just love nagging”. But is there any truth in this
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Office Furniture Design
If you’re working in an office where your job demands sitting for 8 hours a day, the most used office accessory is chair. Office Chairs have taken huge significance than previous decades. Sitting is the new smoking and ergonomics is not helping much! You may be surprised how your office chair can cause a vast
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Mep Design
MEP or Mechanical, Engineering, and Plumbing Services may not sound interesting like interiors, but they’re the building blocks of your office. MEP drawings, HVAC Drawings, Revit, AutoCAD, Plumbing Design, does this ring a bell in your head? Well, these terms may sound obnoxious, but they’re important. Are you thinking of starting with MEP services in
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Best Small Office Interior Design
According to a research conducted in 2006, there was a reduction of 10% in the employee performance when the indoor temperatures were at 30 degree celsius and 15 degree celsius as compared to the temperatures at 21 degree celsius and 23 degree celsius. The study is available with REHVA – the Federation of European Heating,
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